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Milpark Hyperbaric Centre
Tel: +27 11 480 5660
Fax: +27 11 482 7924
Dr Mark Botha:
Cell: +27 83 284 4415

PO Box 3163

Fax: +27 86 524 1747
Cell: +27 82 567 3123

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About Us

The idea behind developing HBO Investments CC occurred while Daniel Gericke was honing his skills as a hyperbaric chamber facility manager for the South African Navy. While keeping in close contact with other hyperbaric players in the local industry, he set his mind to establishing the first hospital-based, clinical hyperbaric unit. Together with his partner Mr Mike Bradley, they created HBO Investments CC in 1997. Daniel was appointed as the Technical Director and Mike Bradley the Financial Director of the company.

While stationed in Durban, he made contact with the hospital management team at St Augustine's Hospital. As the largest private hospital in Kwa Zulu Natal, this represented an ideal choice to start up the first commercially viable clinical multi-place hyperbaric facility in a South African hospital. With the support of family, the two partners commenced negotiations with the Netcare Hospital Group, the owner of St Augustine's Hospital.

St Augustine's Hyperbaric and Wound Care Medical Centre was established in 1999 in a Joint Venture with Netcare and other doctors in the hospital.

In 2003 with the help and support of the top management of Netcare, the partners commenced with negotiations and a plan for a Hyperbaric Medicine Unit at Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg. The unit opened its doors during November 2005 and employs a unit manager, hyperbaric chamber operator, and a full-time medical doctor, who directs the facility. Dr Mark Botha, is the newly appointed Medical Director of Milpark Hyperbaric Chamber Unit. Under the leadership of Dr Graham Montheith, the Casualty Unit Physicians of Milpark Hospital will also join the Centre under the direction of Dr Mark Botha.

An asset swop occurred during the early part of 2006 when Mr Mike Bradley left to pursue his other interests. The partnership in HBO Investments is now between the two Gericke brothers, Daniel and Mario. Mrs Mirinda Gericke was appointed as Business Manager in  September 2006 and currently looks after the daily business of both units.

During 2007 the Unit at Milpark bought a second Sechrist Chamber which is already in full operation.

The following people have all made significant contributions to bringing us to where we are today:
  • Mr Ian Goble (Coastal Regional Manager for Netcare)
  • Mr Jacky Shevel (Founding member and Previous CEO of Netcare Hospital Group)
  • Mr Andre Carstens (Netcare's National Property Director)
  • Dr Frans Cronje (President of DAN SA and a lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch)
  • Mr Franscois Burman Pr. Eng (Director of Operations of DAN SA and a director of several engineering companies)
  • Netcare Hospital Group as a whole believing in us and our vision to make a difference to our patients.

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