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Service was excellent. You guys were very efficient.


Thank you Milpark Hyperbaric Medicine Centre for helping me with recovery for my sport!

I was struggling with an injury and managed to complete the 32km Num-Num Trail run without a struggle with my injury and had no cramps during the 7h26min of mountain running. I managed to better my time with 24min in comparison to the past 2 years of running the same race where I had severe cramping. I had to rely on my strength and conditioning since I had no prior distance training due to the persisting injury... The only way I could maintain my "fitness" was with oxygen treatment in the hyperbaric chambers.

I definitely benifited with the treatment! Thank you!

Happy client

My toes have now completely healed since the last time I was at the centre. The pain I suffered before having the treatments was unbearable and thanks to the work you people do I am now pain free. Thank you for the care and concern you have shown. All the best.

Healed Limbs

OMGosh, another whole new, unusual experience today! The wonders of technology & modern medicine! I have no doubt that this will be extremely beneficial to furthering my recovery and healing.

Thank you so much Riedwaan Dass for your detailed explanations, caring and consideration all done in such a professional but relaxed manner. I know I'm in good hands and look forward to the rest of my sessions and the resulting benefits. 🙏🏻

And.......I'm in good company along with many of the players from the Emirates Lion's Rugby team who make use of the centre when injured! 👌🏉


Excellent service, thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve started running again and will come around and see you guys again soon.

Excellent service

Excellent service, keep up the good work, the staff really treated me with respect. Thanks to Hyperbarics I have now made a full recovery.

Full Recovery

I am completely happy with the results I got at the hyperbaric centre. The treatment truly saved my leg even though and amputation needed to be done afterwards. I am now able to walk and live life with ease and do wish to come back to the centre for a few more sessions every once in a while. Keep up the good work you guys.

Saving Limbs

Hyperbarics has helped me a lot and I am so happy because now I am completely healed. Riedwaan is just the best and should keep up the good work. I am constantly telling people about Hyperbarics and how it has helped me, so just keep up the good work.

Keep up the good work

The staff was very helpful and great. If only the rest of the hospital staff was as professional. No further recommendations, just keep everything the same . Will call doctor Botha soon because I would like to come back for some more treatments

Successful Treatment

It was great to meet you today Riedwaan. Thank you for taking care of me, for the time spent explaining everything in such detail, so professional! It was a very new & different experience and I have no doubt that I will reap the benefits of the sessions & they will help tremendously with my recuperation now after surgery! 👌 I look forward to the balance of the sessions.

Another Happy Client




For as long as Lynne can remember, she has always had a passion for the ocean and originally wanted to be a marine biologist. She has trained as a  scuba instructor and has since continued to study various scuba and related subjects including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and obtained her chamber operator and diver medic qualifications, which include certification from the Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit at Simon Fraser University, Canada in the Fundamentals of Hyperbaric Medicine in a South Africa training programme in 2019.She is an active team member at Milpark Hyperbaric Medicine Centre. She is dedicated to working with and helping people to make a difference in their lives through encouraging, healing, and putting them in a better, healthier place.


Dr Mark Botha obtained his medical degree from the University of Cape Town in 1979. During his national service he completed the Diving and Submarine course Cum Laude at Simon’s Town Naval Base, near Cape Town, South Africa. In 2002 he obtained his DHMSTC with distinction. In 2005 he was instrumental in helping to establish the Milpark Hyperbaric Medicine Centre, where today he serves as its Medical Director.


Riedwaan joined HBO Investments as a Junior Hyperbaric Chamber Operator in 2009 after qualifying, as a BAA with distinction. He fast ascended roles to assume the Unit Manager position towards the end of 2009 and has since managed Milpark Hyperbaric Medicine Centre. He is registered with the HPCSA, and as a trained Hyperbaric Technologist, his roles include: Senior Hyperbaric Operator, Safety and Foundation Director as well as the acrylic’s technician. He is a caring and helpful health professional who gives individualised attention to all his patients and assists in all aspects related to the Hyperbaric treatment. He received a certificate from the Environmental Medicine and Physiology Unit at Simon Fraser University, Canada in the Fundamentals of Hyperbaric Medicine in a South Africa training programme in 2019. The course is approved by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT).